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About Us "The only source of knowledge is experience"
-Albert Einstein

Welcome to the one stop shop on the internet for corporate services and opportunities! duocantiga.com is the internet home for Serengeti Consulting Services, LLC. This site has been created for you, the entrepreneur, to obtain services, City Skylineproducts, consulation, and opportunities that will allow you and your business to grow with the help of our consultants and services aimed at helping you to achieve success one opportunity at a time. We have organized some of the best corporate minds and experienced contacts in the business to help guide you to your goals and to provide you countless international fiduciary opportunities.

Serengeti Business Consulting, LLC can offer you the following: Domestic company formation, finacial privacy structures, access to corporate bank accounts and financial programs, investment opportunities, seminars and presentations on our many services or opportunities, website formation, corporate products and materials, and business plan development and funding. We can also offer you the opportunity to become a representative of our company which will allow you to offer all of the above services to your clients!

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If you are one of the following: we can help you...business owner, entrepreneur, opportunist, wealth-builder,yachtmulti-property owner, business builder, small or large business, inventor, service provider, airplane or yacht owner, landlord, oil well owner, musician, direct sales representative, lawyer or accountant, professional athlete, etc.....

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This site was established on Dec. 3rd, 2000

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